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Propel Your Real Estate with CoastalEdge®

"Experience the Life you Always Dreamed Living."

CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle is a first-of-kind, “Real Estate Success Platform”  that aims to Revolutionize the Industry. We’ve dedicated our Talented Teams experience & time to a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Brand Acceleration, Marketing and Technology Innovation in Real Estate — so you don’t have to! 

Home Buyers, Sellers & REALTORS® Welcome to the Most Stunning New Real Estate Brand in the Industry. We are Independently Owned Franchises in the True American Tradition, free from the huge fees, control & other constraints of Big Brand Realty Corporations special interests.

We are YOUR Real Estate Sales Incubator, Market Innovator and Worldwide Business Launchpad. 

Welcome to Our Realty

At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle,

we are a Fun, Experienced, Creative Bunch, who "Dream Big" & "Think Different".  We are a brand whose culture is defined by its Passion & Love for the Business of Real Estate.  We turn our Dreams & Goals into Reality, while having Fun on the Journey.

Talent + Creativity + Experience | Changes Everything.


This is "The CoastalEdge Lifestyle"


Introducing Our Stunning
Real Estate Brand

We Are Southwest Florida Lifestyle Real Estate Experts


Internationally recognized brand leaders in their respective industries, such as Apple, Gucci, Lamborghini, all understand, how carefully designing & building a quality brand foundation for their excellent products & services, provides a strong connection to its client audiences. Over time this creates real loyalty & genuine emotions for their products & services. The synergistic effect of quality branding, products, services and Iconic Logos, all works seamlessly together, helping to drive these businesses huge fan bases & phenomenal success. 


At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, we are founded by Award Winning, Branding & Marketing Leadership that have carefully crafted our brand to stand out and engage like no other in Southwest Florida. Our Stunning Brand and iconic Seahorse speaks specifically to the Southwest Florida Coastal Communities & Lifestyles we all move to this area to enjoy.  Our brand engages the mind & senses with a tasteful balance of soft coastal color hues representing the Sand & Sea along with golden metallic accents representative of Quality & Luxury, as we all strive for in our own little slice of the Southwest Florida Paradise.


Supercharge Your Careers

DREAM BIG - Let's Work Together & Surpass Your Goals!


We Provide A Large Variety of Real Estate Career Plans & Ways To Earn More

Whether your a Seasoned Pro, Existing REALTOR® looking to Refresh & Reinvigorate your Career, a New REALTOR® seeking Mentorship to get you off and running, Just considering switching Careers or even looking to Retire, but keep your client base working for you - CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle facilitates a variety of Career Plans to Maximize your Income and help you Earn More.

Examples of Our Pay Plans & Ways To Earn More:

A 90/10 Program with Complementary Startup Marketing Credit.

A Variety of Mentor Programs for new REALTORS® .

Top Performing REALTOR® & BROKER Franchise Programs​.

Various Performance & Growth Incentives.

Our REALTOR® Referral Earnings Program.

REALTORS® & Sellers Rejoice
with GlobalEdge

International Digital Marketing For Your Listings Driven By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle we understand many buy homes here from around the world to enjoy the Amazing Southwest Florida Lifestyle. Buyers from Latin America, Germany, Canada and many other Countries keeps growing every year.

This is why we invested in developing our GlobalEdge® Technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation  reaching out to all the hotspots around the globe and placing our Listings on the leading international websites, social media and search. Our AI also helps to seek and find qualified buyer matches for each specific Listing.

This provides CoastalEdge® Listings Global Listing Coverage FAR, FAR beyond typical MLS Syndication.

Coastal Edge (1).png


The CoastalEdge Lifestyle

We are a brand whose culture is defined by its Passion & Love for the Business of Real Estate.

With Innovative thinking leadership who "Dream Big" & "Think Different".

We turn our Dreams into Reality, while having Fun along the Journey.

Welcome To "The CoastalEdge Lifestyle".

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