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Propel Your Real Estate Career with CoastalEdge®

"Experience the Career you Always Dreamed Living"

CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle is a first-of-kind, “Real Estate Success Platform”  that aims to Revolutionize the Industry. We’ve dedicated our Talented Teams experience & time to a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Brand Acceleration, Marketing and Technology Innovation in Real Estate — so you don’t have to! 

BROKERS & REALTORS® - Welcome to our Stunning & Innovative, New Real Estate Brand in Southwest Florida. Free yourself from the huge fees, control & constraints of Big Brand Realty Corporations special interests. At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, REALTORS® have more ways to grow their business, more ways to earn income and live the Lifestyle they desire.

We are YOUR Real Estate Sales Incubator, Market Innovator and Worldwide Business Launchpad. 


Dream BIG - Let's Work Together & Surpass Your Goals!

We are built upon Decentralized Technology Platforms to provide Custom, Individually Optimized Marketing & Sales Solutions for our REALTORS®


At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle we understand that one technology solution does not fit all REALTORS® Marketing & Sales needs who join our team. This is why we are built upon Powerful Decentralized Technology Platforms, unlike many Big Brand, Public Owned Realty Companies. We never push you toward one technology or another because we have vested interests when they may not be the best solution for your needs.


At CoastalEdge | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle we provide our REALTORS® true Marketing & Sales support freedom, with solutions personally tailored to your exact needs. Our experienced and time proven agency approach to providing our REALTORS® marketing & sales support, is developing a custom, cost effective, efficient marketing, promotional & sales solution for each member of our teams unique needs and the target audience they are pursuing.  This is a true, Digital Marketing Agency Methodology, not a simple cookie cutter system you just have to fit into or fail. After working with CoastalEdge | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, REALTORS® quickly trust our experience, talent and creativity to lead them to growth.

Our Unique Real Estate Platform supercharges REALTORS® careers providing a world-class Marketing, Technology & Entertainment Experience.

A Large Array of Real Estate Career Plans & Ways To Earn More


Whether your a Seasoned Pro, Existing REALTOR® looking to Refresh & Reinvigorate your Career, a New REALTOR® seeking Mentorship to get you off and running, Just considering switching Careers or even looking to Retire, but keep your client base working for you - CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle facilitates a number of Career Plans to Maximize your Income and help you Earn More.

We Offer A Variety of Pay Plans & Ways To Earn More Including:

A 90/10 Program with Complementary Startup Marketing Credit.

A Variety of Mentor Programs for new REALTORS® .

Top Performing REALTOR® & BROKER Franchise Programs​.

Various Performance & Growth Incentives.

Our REALTOR® Referral Earnings Program.







Personal Branding Lifestyle Photography

If you're a Realtor®, Image can be an important and very valuable marketing tool in the eyes of the buyers & sellers in the marketplace ...

Are you a new agent looking for a way to build credibility without an extensive resume of SOLD listings. Or, are you an experienced agent looking for a marketing tool that reflects your creativity, quality and that will help you dominate in your market? 

CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle "ImageEdge" provides REALTORS® their very own lifestyle brand image photography program (with quality rivaling mainstream magazines).

It's guaranteed to make a great impression on past and future clients! 

Enjoy some of our fantastic ImageEdge Personal Branding Lifestyle Photographs of our REALTORS®

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