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Our Culture

Talent + Creativity + Experience | Changes Everything.

At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle we are a Fun, Experienced, Creative Bunch, who "Dream Big" & "Think Different".  We are a brand whose culture is defined by its Passion & Love for the Business of Real Estate.  We turn our Dreams & Goals into Reality, while having Fun along the Journey.

Welcome To "The CoastalEdge Lifestyle".

We share a FUN, Closely Knit, Family Work Culture with every member of our CoastalEdge Team.  Sharing Knowledge, Providing Motivation & Collaborating to help each other GROW. This is just the start of an all new experience when you are part of our Team, as there is nothing common about us.

We combine Our Stunning New Brand +

An In-House, Award Winning, Big Brand Marketing Agency to serve your every need +  Next Level Creative & Technical Solutions, built by some of the finest Minds we could seek around the world.

We provide true  freedom from the crippling fees & control of big brand realty corporations. Our total experience delivers an Awe Inspiring, Real Estate Success Platform that will launch your Real Estate interests to Another World!


CoastalEdge® Core Team

Our Dream Team has over 175 years of combined, High Level Business Experience, across Business Startups, Business Management, Real Estate, Brand Development, Digital Marketing & Media Technology.

Welcome to "The Dream Team"


Wayne R. Costa

Chief Financial Officer

& Founding Broker

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Nicole Costa

Chief Operations Officer


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Kevin Cunningham

Corporate Operations

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Raymond Pearson

Corporate Recruiter


Fort Myers Office

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Michelle Dworsky


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Our Unique WorkSpaces

Most of our competitors call them offices, because that's what they are. Cold, dry, boring places you are not inspired by and honestly can't wait to get in & out of as fast as possible. We have a whole different approach at CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle. We truly understand about creating a "Happy & Inspiring Lifestyle", no matter if that is at home, out in the community or at work. 


This is why we created what we call "3rd Spaces". A 3rd space in our definition, is an Innovative Workplace of community, well beyond Home & Traditional Office Spaces. Think of them similar to cafes, bars or gyms that are commonly places for social connections, inclusion and sharing. This increases your Happiness & Productivity and will help motivate and take your work to the next level. Google, Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and other Innovative companies use this same strategy to create a Fun, Branded, Inspiring 3rd Work Space.

Welcome to "The CoastalEdge Club"

A 3rd Space - Far Beyond Traditional Office Spaces!

All members of our Team have access to our Amazing, Professionally Designed & Branded, State-of-the-Art 3rd Spaces in multiple locations across Southwest Florida. Best of all - they are ALWAYS FREE OF ANY DESK FEES! They all feature the latest in 24/7/365 Digital Access,  WiFi Technologies, Wireless Video Broadcasting, Video Conferencing,  Led Displays, Lobby Music Streaming Systems, Beautiful Kitchens, In-house Marketing, Color Printing, Meeting Rooms and SO MUCH MORE!


Turn up some music with our Spotify music player and take a look below at a sample of our Southwest Florida 3rd spaces. Then ask yourself, how would you like to call this your new daily Workspace or  Meeting place to impress clients ?