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Every Home Has A Story To Tell | We're Expert Story Tellers.


The Majority of Home Buyers start their Home Buying Search Online today, and decide very quickly if they’re interested in a particular home or not. 

At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, our in-house Marketing Division started as an Award Winning, Big Brand, Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago. We served some of the largest business clients in the world such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Intuit. Over those years we produced Multi-Million Dollar, Big Brand Marketing Campaigns across all relevant media channels such as Print, Video and Web.  We have a large, impressive portfolio of Websites, Software, TV Shows, Feature Films, Animation, Games and much more.


All that Creative & Technical experience evolved into a first-of-kind, Real Estate Marketing Machine called CoastalEdge®, serving hundreds of repeat, REALTOR® clients from all major Realty brands in Southwest Florida. Our Digital Marketing has helped sell hundreds of homes over the years, so we know what home buyers want to see, how to Market a home and we stay ahead of where the market is evolving.


This high level of Marketing coupled with one of our skilled CoastalEdge®  | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle REALTORS®, will give you the Professional Support you need from start to finish, with the entire Sale Process. This includes preparing your space for showings, showing your space to potential buyers, conducting Open Houses, Managing Your Marketing Campaign and Keeping you up-to-date regularly on activities. This Total Sale Effort, will make your home sale process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Today, Digital Marketing, Social Media and the Real Estate Market is all about Creative "Storytelling". For Real Estate it's telling the unique story of Your Home, the Community and Speaking to The Southwest Florida Lifestyle. We do this using the latest in Cinematic Video, Aerial Imaging, 3D Virtual Reality, and other Engaging, Immersive, Online Digital Technologies. This helps build a Real Emotional Connection with Buyers to Your Home and the Southwest Florida Lifestyle we all Dream about having. It's easy to relate if you think about your favorite Movies or TV Shows that told Powerful Stories and how they made you feel.


Advanced, In-House Digital Marketing for Your Home Listing


CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, provides an unmatched array of In-House, Digital Marketing Services to help our REALTORS® Listings shine. Amazing HDR Listing Photography, Twilight Imaging, Magazine Quality Architectural Photography, 3D Virtual Staging, Aerial Imaging, Cinematic Video Tours, Video Ads, Social Media Marketing, Graphical email Blasts, Engaging Interactive Signage, and so much more.

ListingEdge Showcase

In-House Digital Marketing Technology Showcase

Our Marketing Divisions 25+ years of Award Winning, Digital Marketing, TV and Feature Film Production Experience, qualifies us as Expert Story Tellers. We are passionate about what we do and love using the latest in Technologies to help Seller clients Home Listings shine. We use our special blend of Art & Science to Create, Market and Distribute the Unique Story of Your Home to the Worldwide Buyer Audience.


Have fun exploring a few of our latest Marketing & Technology "Story Telling" Tools below.

Click the Play button below to experience a True 3D, Online, Virtual Reality Home Tour Sample from CoastalEdge®.


CoastalEdge® 3D Scanning Technology helps Buyers feel as if they are standing in your home virtually,  free to explore. Unlike a typical listing with just a bunch of Photos, where a Buyer has no clue how each room connects, flows and fits with one another - this new immersive 3D technology allows Buyers to literally walk through the home, explore every detail and see how one room flows into another across the floor plan. This truly provides the "COMPLETE PICTURE" of a Home's Story. It's like a Virtual Open House delivered 24/7/365 days a year from any mobile device or computer on the internet - "OPEN" all the time!  A full 3D floor plan, interactive measurements, Auto Play Tours, Additional Listing Syndication (to expose your listing to a larger Buyer Audience) and much more are all part of this great addition to your Home Marketing Campaign with RealtorsEdge®.

CoastalEdge® has a large variety of Marketing Tools we can utilize to Enhance & Showcase Your Home Online, including our 3D Virtual Staging.









CoastalEdge® Virtual Staging Technology, provides the ability to take homes that are unfurnished and add 3D Photo Realistic Rendered furniture and decorations into the photos. This can bring cold, empty photographs and your listing to life. This powerful tool is much cheaper than physical staging and allows online Buyers to better visualize the homes space potential, leading to more online engagement and in-person  showings.

CoastalEdge® CineTour Videos provide highly Engaging Video Tours of Your home listing complete with Motion, Aerial Imaging, Music, Titles, Transitions, to tell the Cinematic side of Your Homes Story.

CoastalEdge® CineTours are mini movies highlighting your home which we distribute on YouTube (The Second most searched website in the world), facebook video, Instagram and other large scale, Worldwide Audiences.

CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle broadcasts Your Home's Unique Multimedia Story to the masses around the Globe, helping your home stand out and attract a larger number of Buyer Impressions.


The core of all our Marketing efforts is lead with our stunning and engaging CoastalEdge® brand. That branding is always delivered consistently and in a Truly Integrated, Marketing Campaign across all relevant Marketing Media channels including Web, Social Media, Video, E-mail and other value added channels.


This Integrated Marketing Strategy provides a much larger number of Marketing touch points to connect with Buyer Audiences than the typical Realty brands basic Sign in the Ground and generic MLS listing. Higher Quality Branding, Design & Creativity combined with a wider variety of Marketing Media Channels, Advanced Story Telling & Engaging Content all works together Synergistically. This helps your Home Listing work like an Octopus, with more tentacles to reach into more Audiences of Buyers with the superior Intelligence to win!


Our In-House, Marketing Experience is unmatched by any other Realty brand in Southwest Florida.

Listing your home with CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, means putting your home in the Best Hands to Market & Sell Your Home Faster, with More Offers and the Best Sale Price possible!


International Digital Marketing For Your Home Listing Driven By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At CoastalEdge® | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle we understand many buy homes here from around the world to enjoy the Amazing Southwest Florida Lifestyle. Buyers from Latin America, Germany, Canada and many other Countries keeps growing every year.


This is why we invested in developing our GlobalEdge® Technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation by reaching out to all the hotspots around the globe and placing our Listings on the leading international websites, social media and search. Our AI also helps to seek and find qualified buyer matches for each specific Listing.

At CoastalEdge | Coastal Homes & Lifestyle, we are founded from an Award Winning, Big Brand Marketing Agency with over 25 years experience in helping some of the largest Companies in the world reach out to the masses across the globe. This includes top level Creative, Branding, Design, Software Development, TV and International Feature Films. Our Team has no limits other than what we set our Imaginations, Talents & Time to Create next! 

Enjoy A Sampling of Our Past Creative Video, TV, Feature Film, Audio & Animation Samples.

Client Testimonials

Your amazing photos sold my home. My buyers & many interested parties told me they LOVED the photos. Within 3 days of posting your HDR Photos after having no inquiries, I had 3 offers!"

REALTOR® Cindy Brown

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